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Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled Steel Tubing

Hot rolled pickled and oiled (HRPO) steel tubing has been processed to remove surface impurities and descaled. This enhances the appearance and durability of steel, making it suitable for various industries and applications.

Alliance Tubular Products offers Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled steel tubing in various sizes, lengths, and square and rectangle shapes.

As your trusted HRPO steel tube supplier, we can produce to A513 or A500, depending on your specific needs.

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What is Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Steel Tubing?

Hot-rolled steel products will scale in contact with oxygen and water vapor after the rolling process.

Pickling is a metal surface cleaning process in which an acid bath (either sulfuric or hydrochloric) removes rust, stains, and unwanted contaminants that could interfere with subsequent fabrication processes like bending, forming, painting, and stamping.

After the pickling process, steel can oxidize after extended exposure to oxygen and atmospheric moisture. Finally, the oil film is applied to the steel to create a protective shield.

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What are some applications for Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Tubing? 

Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled (HRPO) Tubing has become an indispensable asset in countless sectors and industries. Designed to meet the rigorous structural demands of the construction industry, HRPO also caters to the precision requirements of the automotive sector. Trust in the exceptional quality and performance that only HRPO Tubing can deliver. These applications and sectors include:

  • Livestock Handling (gates, fences, panels, chutes)
  • Tractor Attachments (front-ender loaders, backhoes, and snow blowers)
  • Roll Cages
  • Chassis and Frame Components
  • Suspension Components
  • Trailer Construction (cargo trailers, livestock trailers, utility trailers)
  • Fences and Gates
  • Swing Sets/Playground equipment
  • Tractor Attachments (front-ender loaders, backhoes, and snow blowers)
  • Racks and Shelving
  • Carts and Trolleys:
  • Pallet Racking Systems
The Alliance Advantage

The Alliance Advantage

Across Alliance Family, we proudly offer an extensive range of services. Our expertise encompasses flat-rolled products, steel tubing, and precisely crafted fabricated/welded assemblies. These value-added services result from comprehensive engineering, production, and shipping processes, all seamlessly integrated within our unified campus.

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